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Jean Raine First things first. Let me start with a small neologism. I am going to define the term « infologism ».

Let‘s begin with the end of the word, « ism ». It is a suffix for a noun (profession or opinion [journalism, socialism], or for belonging to a group or a system [fundamentalism, structuralism]).

Then, the first part of the word, i.e. « info » is a popular synonym for information technology or computer science in French.

I have kept the middle part of the word for the end. « log » may mean « login » thus to connect. But it may also be a contraction of the word « logic ». I could also mention logos, it‘s up to you. Only our academicians may be able to come up with a clear-cut definition thanks all their knowledge, which I do not have.

This column is intended to be objective and granted with pertinence in terms of the analysis!
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