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Vasarely The famous repertory /dev contains the files of the peripherals present or absent on a computer having an operating system Unix, which in my opinion is a real museum, may be, after a test of components, we could install what is necessary and leave the remainder on CD of installation, in the future can be which knows!

The network! Ask to the happy owner of a computer: « You are in network? » He will answer you: No, no, why... Then ask him: « Have you Internet? » he will say to you: Yes, yes, of course... So there is no doubt at all: The wide-area network which exists in the world, is Internet. By this fact, we have to speak about internet, it should be a shame to pass over!
Subjects Articles Dates
IP Address A guide to TCP/IP Internetworking - General description 04-09-22
Domain BIND Domain Name System - Arch Linux 11-02-02
Domain BIND Domain Name System - FreeBSD 11-02-02
IP Address DNS Resolving Hostname and hosts File - Apache name based hosting 13-04-28
Web page HTML ISO-8859-1 Characters 11-04-20
Security MySQL - Authentification Password and Protection 13-04-28
IP Address RFC 1918 - Address Allocation for Private Internets 04-04-20
IP Address RFC 2460 - Internet Protocol Version 6 IPv6 04-09-22
Internet RFC 2978 - Charset Registration Procedures IANA 06-05-03
IP Address RFC 768 - User Datagram Protocol UDP 04-04-20
IP Address RFC 791 - Internet Protocol IP 04-09-20
IP Address RFC 792 - Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP 04-09-22
Routing Webmin - Add Route IP in Linux Server 11-02-02
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