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Subject Setup Date 2011-02-02
Title Webmin - Configure and launch or start Section BSD Linux


For launching or starting Webmin to take Web page navigator, preferably FireFox type in the address bar: or http://localhost:10000/ or http://product.site-name.com:10000/

See article : DNS Resolution, Hostname and host File - Apache name based hosting

Type the name of Username and the Password, the same ones as at the time of the Webmin installing, then click on Login, this dialogue box will be in English like below.
 Login to Webmin
 You must enter an username and password to login to the Webmin server
 Remember login permanently?
Click on Webmin then Change Language and Theme, there is this formulary  :

Choose the Theme « MSC.Linux Theme » to have them icons about which I speak in my articles.
Change Language and Theme

This module can be used to change the language that modules are displayed in, the theme that controls Webmin's appearance and the password used to login with, for your Webmin account only.

Webmin UI language  Global language (English)
 Personal choice .. 
Webmin UI theme  Global theme (Blue Framed Theme)
 Personal choice .. 
Webmin login password   Leave unchanged
 Set to .. 

Webmin Update

Click on icon Webmin then Webmin Configuration then Upgrade Webmin and finally on Update modules there is this formulary  :
Update modules
This form allows you to upgrade Webmin modules that have been found to contain bugs or security holes from the Webmin Updates page or from another source. This will compare the currently installed modules with those available for update, and optionally automatically download and install any modules that are out of date.
 Update modules now
 Update from www.webmin.com
 Update from other sources ..
 Only show which modules would be updated
 Install modules that are not currently installed
 Update non-core modules as well

Login to update server
Password for update server
Select « Update non-core modules as well » if for example Virtualmin is used.

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